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Nickel Aluminium Bronze C63000 AMS4640

Nickel Aluminium Bronze C63000 - Solid Round

UNS C63000 is a nickel-aluminum-bronze alloy of copper, which has excellent corrosion resistance and hot formability features. The following datasheet will provide more details about copper UNS C63000.


Chemical Composition

Copper (Cu) Aluminium (AL) Iron (Fe) Nickel (Ni) Manganese (Mn) Tin (Sn) Silicon (Si) Zinc (Zn) Total Imp.
balance 9-11% 2-4% 4-5.5% 1.5% Max 0.2% Max 0.25% Max 0.3% Max 0.5% Max


Typical Mechanical Properties

Ultimate Tensile Strength

760 MPa min

 Elongation  10% min
 Typical Hardness  HR 50
 Machinability  30 %
 Yield Strength  415 MPa


C63000 4640 Nickel Aluminium Bronze - Solid


 We now keep the below Alloys in stock for quick turn around and competitive pricing, we can additionally import any required products


Item CodeImperial
ABC63000/50.80  2  18.5
ABC63000/76.20 3 41.2
ABC63000/101.60  4  72.9
ABC63000/152.40  6  163.5