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Aluminium Bronze

Aluminum Bronze Alloy 

Copper Bronze Alloy is a special high-strength aluminum bronze alloy used for applications with heavy loads, abrasive wear, friction and corrosion. The increases the alloys’ strength without diminishing its ductility, toughness, and corrosion resistance. They come in a variable range of alloys each with specific characteristics


Copper Bronze Alloy is typically used for valve seats, plunger tips, condenser tube for power stations and desalting units, shafting, pump parts, cams, gears, valve guides, aircraft parts, pump shafts, structural members, corrosion resistant articles, hydraulic bushings for earth moving equipment, valve balls, bushings, bearings, heat exchanger flanges, heat exchanger headers, tanks, welded piping systems, and balls.

Forms Supplied:

Copper Bronze Alloy is available as rings, discs, bars, rods and plates.

FamilyAlloyASTMMilitaryAerospaceRW/MAPlastic Tooling




B169, B171



C62400 B150        
C63200 B124, B150, B170 QQ-C-465, MIL-B-24059      
C63000 B124, B150, B171 QQ-C-465, MIL-B-16166 AMS4640, NFL 14-705    
C63020     AMS4590, NFL 14-706    
C64700 B411        



Delivering Solutions
ShapeMin/Max WallMin/Max DiameterMax WidthMax Length
Plates  1"/24" (25/610mm) - 48" (1220mm) 100" (2540mm)
Rounds  - 0.5"/20" (13/508mm)   - 144" (3658mm) 
Tubes 0.25"/2" (7/50mm)  1"/8" (25/204mm)   -  144" (3658mm)
Rings 1"/4" (25/100mm)  8"/60" (204/1524mm)   12" (305mm)  -
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