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Oxygen Free Copper (OFHC)

Oxygen-Free Copper (C10100)


C10100 – Oxygen Free Copper is used for electronic applications, sputtering targets, casting molds, AC electric motors.

Applications of C10100:

Some typical uses for C10100 Oxygen Free Copper are casting molds, electric motors, electronics, backing plates, bus bar, and more.

Forms Supplied:

C10100 Oxygen Free Copper is available as rings, discs, bars, rods and plates.


FamilyAlloyASTMMilitaryAerospaceRW/MAPlastic Tooling




C10700 B170        
C10800 B170        
C11000 B124        


Delivering Solutions
ShapeMin/Max WallMin/Max DiameterMax WidthMax Length
Plates  1"/24" (25/610mm) - 48" (1220mm) 100" (2540mm)
Rounds  - 0.5"/20" (13/508mm)   - 144" (3658mm) 
Tubes 0.25"/2" (7/50mm)  1"/8" (25/204mm)   -  144" (3658mm)
Rings 1"/4" (25/100mm)  8"/60" (204/1524mm)   12" (305mm)  -
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